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The whole world is just a trip away from you. It is you, who need to take time to explore the delicacies and colors of nature and ambiance of cultures. So why don't you consider bringing a tinge of thrill to your sordid lifestyle by planning yourself a holiday and getting to see some of the most astounding and exotic of natural as well as human sensations. Well, you really do not need to put a lot of our effort into it, as we are here offering you just about the best of nomadic experience.

When you finally get this thing into your head, then all you need to do is plan yourself a flawless and outlandish trip that revivifies your ambiance and rejuvenate your air. And since scheduling a perfect trip is sometimes a thing going you nuts, leave the mechanism for Exact Travel to resolve. Because you are well aware that trip-scheduling is our specialty and we make it buoyant. So explore the best travel destinations around the world to take a revitalizing niche around some really fabulous and drivingly beautiful countries. Get astonished by the natural and historical sights and become overwhelmed by the archeological and architectural sights, the pink and purple blossoms and splendid castles and overpowering castles is just a candid introduction of what we store in our treasure house of traveling.

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Welcome to Exact Travel

Exact Travel Offering Cheap Flights to Africa, Europe , Asia and WorldWide from UK

They say that the world has become a global village thanks to the technological developments lately. It’s true, the past few decades or so have had unparalleled technological advancements that make the world seem small and accessible! Thanks to the internet, we can chat with people on the other side of the globe. But that’s not the only way the world has shrunk to a village. Thanks to the ingenious minds of the Wright Brothers, we have the ability to manipulate the winds and travel anywhere around the world, cutting what took months for a journey before to mere hours. This is an incredible way the world has become a global village – going round the world is just as fast as going across in a village.

Air travel has opened up a lot of opportunities in science, technology, and business, to name a few fields. Nearly every day, new airlines are coming in the business. Every once in a while, new airplanes are introduced. New services are introduced by the airlines every now and then. All this leads to a number of choices for the consumers. But what choice should the consumer choose? There are many factors that one might take into account, such as comfort, efficiency, customer care, and price.

That is where we at Exact Travel are to help. We are one of the leading travel services company and provide you with a variety of cheap flights from numerous airlines to choose from. You are looking for flights to Europe? Perhaps you’re in dire need of Cheap flights to Africa? Maybe you’re looking for flights to Asia for your long-planned Bangkok holiday? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Just give us a visit at and find a flight that fits your style.

A brief description of Exact Travel

We are the appointed agents of ATOL holders. This is why you will also be issued an ATOL certificate every time you use Exact Travel for your travelling. We manage many leading brands, such as Galileo, a global distribution system; Fair Base, a Tell Me e-product that distributes air fares; and World Span. We are a registered trademark in UK as a travel services providing company, and we have been in business since a decade, at the very least.

Why Exact Travel UK?

 We have got flights for about every region of the world – and we provide them cheap! If you’re looking for some cheap flights to Africa, we’ve got it. Flights to Asia? We cover that too. The main difference between other travel agencies and us is that we don’t just talk about providing cheap flights – we actually provide flights that fit your budget. In addition to that, we provide 24/7 customer care. It is important to us that our customers are satisfied by our services. We have had a high name for ourselves in the travel community – and we are determined to keep it that way. Therefore in every scenario, we make sure the customer has no bad memory of dealing with us.

How do we manage to provide you cheap flights? We have built close relationships with the giants in the travel supplies business so we are able to get you negotiated rates for your travels. This also enables us to find you seats in peak travel days or at the last minute when it is often difficult to find tickets. These relationships help us give you the best and the most affordable travel experience. In addition to cheap flights, we provide unparalleled comfort and efficiency in our flights, leading to satisfied customers. Using the technologically advanced systems of world span and global distribution system, we ensure a high level of customer care that is unmatched. This is why a significant percentage of our customers come to us again and again – because they have had good experience with us.

It is very easy booking your flight from exact travel – we pride ourselves on having an easy-to-use website with a user friendly interface. For example, if you’re looking for Flights to Europe, just search up your European destination, put in your departure and return dates, select the flight that you think is the best for you and book it – it’s that easy! If at any point you might need our assistance, don’t hesitate! We have a couple of options for you to contact us. In the bottom left corner of this page, you will see a telephone button. Just click on it to get in touch with us! Alternatively, we have a live chat option. It can be accessed by clicking on the chat button on the bottom right corner. Use the button to instantly get in touch with one of our talented representatives. Don’t be shy to give us any feedback – your input really helps us improve our weak areas.

Holiday Packages

We also provide holiday packages – whether you’re looking for a summer holiday or a honeymoon, we are happy to help! Our holiday packages will plan your trip for you – no need to fuss over not being able to find a good hotel – just choose the holiday package you want and everything from your flight to your hotel would already have been taken care of.

We also provide flights for Hajj and Umrah. Our Hajj and Umrah packages would take care of everything from residence to transport – all you need to do is to book the appropriate Hajj or Umrah package. Our cheap holidays and Hajj and Umrah packages are immensely popular among our customers. We look forward to helping you arrange a trip! The next time you have to travel, or plan on a holiday, do try us! You’ll be satisfied with our professional service. If you have any questions regarding anything, please do reach out. Our contact details are given at the bottom of this page.

Safe travels from Exact Travel!