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Welcome to Malawi

Malawi’s untapped potential to become a leading tourist destination in the world

Malawi – a landlocked country in East Africa – has one of the most beautiful places that can sway tourists from all over the world to this beautiful country. Malawi has a very interesting topography – it consists of highlands which are split by the serene and gigantic Lake Malawi and the Great Rift Valley. There is a lot of biodiversity in Malawi – from a diverse wildlife to the astounding variety of aquatic animals – and the Lake’s water is one of the most famous sites in Africa for boating and diving purposes. There are also a number of beach resorts in the country for the entertainment of the various tourists who visit the state.

Lake Malawi is obviously one of the biggest landmark in Malawi; one that extends longitudinally to almost all of Malawi. The lake is 350 miles long and features a number of beach resorts and water sports. The lake itself is a major tourist attraction, but it has potential to attract even more tourists all around the world. By volume, Lake Malawi is the fourth largest lake in the world; by area it is the ninth-largest lake in the world. It provides a habitat to more fish species than any other freshwater lake – attention, eco-tourists! The water layers of lakes do not mix, interestingly.

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Liwonde National Park, or Liwonde Wildlife Reserve, is again a site to see if you are interested in eco-tourism. The part is famous for a lot of elephants that can be found in the park. Mvuu Lodge is a lodge built in the park, which is the only lodge since the closure of Chinguni Hills Lodge. The Mvuu lodge is located on the River Shire. The parks fauna includes elephants, as well as black rhinos, big cats, and a variety of bird species. As for the flora, mopane is the most abundant plant species in the park.

Lake Malawi’s National Park is another must-visit place for tourists who are fond of ecology! The sandy beaches and granite islands offer other nature tourists a lot as well. Facilities and activities that can be done in this area are snorkeling, scuba diving, and kayaking, so you can have a lot of fun here. The park is a big one for aquatic life enthusiasts, as many of the species of fish that can be found here are native to the place. Eco-lodges and fishing houses can be found in the area. Overall, Malawi sounds like a fun place to visit!

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