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Harare, which is the capital of Zimbabwe, is also the most populous city and the commercial center of Zimbabwe. It is situation in the Mashonaland region of the country, and is a metropolitan city. Topographically, the city is situated on a plateau at nearly an elevation of five thousand feet above the sea level. The climate of Harare can be described as subtropical. Founded in 1890, it was named Fort Salisbury after the British Prime Minister of the same name. In 1982, about two years after the independence of Zimbabwe, the city was renamed to its modern name: Harare.

Harare has got a number of places where tourists can visit and admire the city. Most notable among them is the Anglican Cathedral, which is formally called ‘Cathedral of St Mary and All Saints’. Designed by Herbert Baker, the construction of the cathedral was completed in 1914. The sandstone structure, which is iconic to the building, was finished in 1961. The cathedral has four chapels, each one dedicated to a different saint, including St Mary, St George, St Cecilia, and Bernard Mizeki. The iconic cathedral features a bell tower as well, with 10 of its bells being cast in London.

Another famous monument of Harare is the Heroes Acre monument and burial ground. The monument commemorates Patriotic Front guerrillas who were killed in the Rhodesian Bush War.  The monument also commemorates present-day Zimbabweans who have given their lives for their country. The structure of the monument features two AK-47s, which are lain back to back, and the graves are a metaphor for their magazines. The monument also features a tomb of an unknown soldier – which represents the unidentified soldiers that gave their life for the country. It also includes a statue of three guerrillas. There is an Eternal Flame at the top of a tower – which is meant to signify the spirit of the Independence of Zimbabwe.

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One of Africa’s biggest art festivals – Harare International Festival of Arts – is also celebrated in Harare. Since it was established in 1990, it is celebrated in April or May every year. It takes place over a week and features five artistic disciplines – fine arts, poetry, theatre, music, and dance. It relies funding on different sources, such as multinational corporations. Other revenue sources include the sale of tickets. The arts festival attracts a lot of visitors every year, and is a local success.

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Harare is a tranquil city filled with culture, art and passion. Zimbabwe is known for its arts and culture and Harare does the perfect job at representing it. The city of Harare is oozing with depths of arts and culture people from all over the world travel to Harare to witness. The beauty of Harare is simply unmatched. Every step you take in Harare will lead you to learn a new fact about its culture or its globally famous art. Exhibits and sculptures are monthly displayed in the Harare Gardens, which a large amount of tourists travels to observe and get inspiration from. Harare is also quite famous for its cuisine. Its delicious Zimbabwean cuisine is worth traveling for and is loved by not only the locals but also the tourists who try it. Harare is the hub of traditions and art and any culture-vulture would be lucky to travel and experience the beauty of the city. Harare is truly the epitome of culture, traditions, and mouth-watering cuisine.

The weather of Harare shifts between dry, hot and cold. The most common time for people to visit Harare is during the months of April and October because of the dry weather of Harare. The Zimbabwe Film Festival (ZIFF), which occurs during the month of August, is also a great opportunity to visit Harare. International Festival of Arts (HIFA) and the Bulawayo Music Festival are events, which occur during spring, which also attract many tourists.

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