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Welcome to Delhi

Why Delhi Is a Must-Visit Place

Delhi is one of the oldest cities in the world, and thus, it has in store a lot of history and attractions for the tourists. It has been rampaged and destroyed many a times in the past and yet it has always returned on the page of history, each time stronger than ever. It has been the home to many of the world’s greatest kingdoms and empires, most notably the Mughal Empire, and the Delhi sultanate before it. It has been occupied in colonial era and has been some sort of capital for the British Raj. Today, it is the capital of the Republic of India. Some sort of political power has always been associated with Delhi. (It is worth mentioning that the capital of India is called New Delhi, which is separate from Delhi; however, it still falls under the locality of Delhi.)

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You would arguably find a lot of distinct culture in Delhi. The Mughal Empire made Delhi their capital for a lot of time! The remnants of the empire are deeply ingrained within Delhi. Be it the tomb of Humayun, the second Mughal emperor, or the famous iconic Red Fort of the Mughals, it is clear that Mughal history and Delhi are inseparable. It also accentuates the amount of history one can find in Delhi, which brings a lot of tourists every single year to this historical city. Culturally speaking, Delhi is associated with Urdu-e-Mualla – the finest, most literary form of Urdu – and is associated with the likes of Mir Taqi Mir and Mirza Ghalib, arguably the greatest Indian poets whose poetry transcends the cultural barrier and is quite popular with the western poetry enthusiasts. All in all, Delhi is a culture lover’s paradise, and indophiles would find a lot of stuff to interest them in Delhi, for obvious reasons.

However, make no mistake – Delhi isn’t some ancient Mughal city, it has got all the hallmarks of a modern metropolis. It is India’s second biggest city, coming behind only Mumbai, being home to a straggering 11 million people. Economically, Delhi has been ranked as the second most productive region of India. It has the second highest GDP per capita and fifth highest Human Development Index. Foreign tourists can enjoy all the amenities of a luxurious metropolitan city, with a number of 5 star hotels, fast Wi-Fi, and a plethora of shopping malls.

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