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LHR London Heathrow To KUL Kuala Lumpur

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LHR London Heathrow To KUL Kuala Lumpur

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LHR London Heathrow To KUL Kuala Lumpur

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LHR London Heathrow To KUL Kuala Lumpur

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LHR London Heathrow To KUL Kuala Lumpur

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Welcome to Malaysia

Malaysia: An Emerging Economic Hub

Malaysia is located in the south-east of Asia. Consisting of islands, the country has shown to have a lot of economic potential in it. However, it is evident that Malaysia is still to establish itself as a major player in the global economic arena. It still is showing signs that it is an important country for commercial activity and signaling the investors to come to Malaysia and reap a lot of benefits. The country is currently headed by Mahatir Muhammad, a 93 year old Prime Minister, who is the oldest prime minister in the world.

Malaysia has a lot of unique culture, history, landmarks, and cuisine that attracts tourists from the west. It has a prominent tertiary sector, a lot of which is driven by tourism industry. There are a lot of things to look for in Malaysia – for example, the famous Petronas towers in Kaula Lampur, a striking structure of twin towers that are a famous landmark of not only Kaula Lampur, but also Malaysia as a whole. These amazing skyscrapers were the tallest building in the world until 2004 and are the tallest twin towers to date. Consisting of 88 floors, a tube-in-a-tube system is applied in the architect of these towers.

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Malaysia has a lot of biodiversity which helps attract the tourists who are especially fond of seeking various flora and fauna. The biggest flower in the world, Rafflesia, which is parasitic flower with a strong aroma, is found in Malaysia and is a popular attraction. The Sulu Sea has hundreds of different types of fish and corals, making it a popular spot for ecotourists. Similarly, there are 130 million year old forests, which contain unparalleled biodiversity. There are a number of lichens and ascomycetes making up the fungal population of Malaysia. All these tend to be popular ecotourist attractions.

Malaysian cuisine is famous around the world, and culinary tourism has grown to be a big part of the Malay tourist industry. The yummy taste of the Malay national dish, Nasi Lemak, prompts many tourists to try it out, as does the national beverage, Teh Tarik. Malay cuisine is influenced by Indian, Thai, and Javanese cuisines. However, this does not mean that Malaysian cuisine does not have its own identity. Rice based dishes are common in Malaysia, as rice is the staple food of the Malay people. In addition to rice, chili is a common ingredient.

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