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Welcome to Bangkok

What to visit in Bangkok.?

Thailand’s picturesque capital, Bangkok, is famous around the world for being a really beautiful city with lots of scenic beauty. Bangkok is one of the leading tourist destinations, and is the destination of many vacationers, especially in the summer. Bangkok was named as the top destination for international visitor arrivals in 2018 by Master card. This was a repeat of Bangkok’s ranking of the previous couple of years. It’s clear that this city standing on the edge of Chao Phraya River has achieved a lot of fame for being a popular tourist spot, and indeed tourism provides a boon to its economy.

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Bangkok has also been an important player in the economic arena of the world. As the capital of Thailand, it is the center of a significant amount of economic and commercial activity. During the Asian Investment boon, which happened in the 80s and the 90s, many multinational companies thought it best to move their regional headquarters to Bangkok. To this day, Bangkok is famous for its economic activity: it has a well-established tertiary sector which words in synchronization with the tourism industry to provide the best facilities to the visiting tourists. This is why a lot of business visas are sought for Bangkok – and Cheap Flights to Bangkok are available at our website,

Tourism, indeed, is one of the biggest source of revenue for the country. The Grand Palace serves as one of the biggest tourist attractions of Bangkok. In addition to the Palace, there are many historical Buddhist temples, such as Wat Pho and Wat Arun, which are frequented by tourists and become a source of revenue for the tourist industry of Bangkok. Bangkok also features a number of beaches, given its location, where a number of tourists can be found sun bathing and enjoying their summer. In addition, there are a number of shopping sites where tourists can do their shopping.

Many festivals and events take place in Bangkok throughout the year. One of the famous festivals of Thailand is Songkrun, which is held on 13th to 15th April every year. One of its highlights is water fighting on the streets. Similarly, another event, Loi Krathong, takes place in November. Bangkok has some of the world’s most interesting and intense New Year’s celebrations annually. As Bangkok is a monarchy, the birthdays of the King and the Queen are celebrated with ardor and passion and are marked as Father’s and Mother’s day.

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