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Frankfurt is a city that drips with history. Being bombed during the World War II and then rising from this tragic incident, recovering and becoming business capital of Germany has made Frankfurt a famous tourist spot in Germany. Every year, several flights are booked from all around the world to Frankfurt. Frankfurt is the hub of business and banking of Germany with over 300 banks. It offers any individual endless choices in banking, stock exchange and in industrial field as it has thousands of industries. Frankfurt is also one of the major cultural cities of Germany. Every year, hundreds of thousands of tourists travel to Frankfurt to get inspired by the vast variety of art Frankfurt offers. Frankfurt is indeed the source of a massive tourist attraction.

The perfect time to visit Frankfurt is not specified. The winters are cold but not too cold and summers are warm but not too hot. Most people travel to Frankfurt in the months of May until October as most of Frankfurt’s festivals, events etc. occur during these months. If you want to be a part of Frankfurt’s festivities, then we suggest you to book weeks beforehand as the reasonable flights can be a hassle to book due to peak season.

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Sites That Tourists Often Visit in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is one of the world’s most diverse cities. Frankfurt is a melting pot of cultures and offers a lot of cultural experience. There is no ethnic or cultural group that compromises a majority of the city’s population. In addition to its diverse demographics, a number of tourist attractions and a stable economy ensure that everyone finds something for them in the city of Frankfurt. This has translated in Frankfurt becoming one of the world’s largest tourist locations which is visited by more than 4 million people every year. We will be listing some popular tourist sites here.

The Roomer is one of the famous buildings located in Frankfurt. It is a medieval building and is a famous landmark of Frankfurt. For over 600 years the building has acted as the city hall of Frankfurt. Encompassing about 10,000 square kilometers, the building is a three story with a marvelous architecture. It consists of nine houses and six courtyards. The exterior features of the building illuminate the rich and vibrant history of Frankfurt. Medieval elements of design are prominent in the building’s three peaked façade.

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The Hauptwache is another famous building located in Frankfurt. Probably the most famous plaza of the city, it was called the schillerplatz up to early 1900s. The name derives from the baroque building which was built in 1730. The plaza itself has been changed a number of times. Currently, its appearance is accentuated by a sunken terrace which leads down to an underground area for pedestrians. The sunken area is referred to as ‘Das Loch’ by the locals. The pedestrian area is marked with shops and a public transport station. There are different types of architectural styles in the plaza.

The Alte Oper is a famous now-former opera house in Frankfurt which now works as a concert hall. Inaugurated in 1880, the building was damaged by bombing in 1944. The ruins of the Opera House were nicknamed ‘Germany’s most famous ruins. However, it was rebuilt and opened again in the 80s. In front of the building, the Opernplatz square lies. The Oper Frankfurt, a local theatre company, now manages the glorious opera house.

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