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Rome – the “Eternal City” – is a globally popular tourist attraction. Rome has one of the most interesting history and culture tied to it, which hundreds and thousands of people come to see with their eyes and experience every year. Rome is the famous city of Italy and it is its capital. Every year, a massive amount of tourists from different areas around the world travel to Rome to experience its historic culture, Renaissance buildings as well as Renaissance art etc. No matter the reason you are going to Rome for, Rome’s captivating beauty and culture will surely make your trip not only memorable but something you will always want to relive.

If you plan to book a flight to Rome to witness and experience its ethereal beauty and culture, you are not the only one. Rome is one of the most popular holiday destinations throughout the world. From the weather point of view, Rome has a pleasant weather throughout spring and fall. If you want to make this your best trip yet, you know when to book your flight. Rome has the absolute Mediterranean weather, meaning it is pleasant and cold during the winters but can be a quite humid and hot during the summers. If you are planning to book a flight to Rome, do it months prior to when you want to visit Rome as there is a little to no chance of you getting a decent, affordable flight package on the spot.

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The Hearth of the Western Civilization – Rome – Is A Popular Tourist Place

In the history of the world, Rome has played a very important part. In the ancient times, Rome had been established by the famous twins Romulus and Remus. To date, we hear a lot about the ancient Roman civilization and its gladiators. Then there was the Roman Empire, which has gotten immense fame due to its iconic emperor Julius Caesar. Eventually, the superpower Byzantine Empire made its place in Rome when it came under the influence of Christianity and became a central city for the religion. Then we have the Renaissance period in which Rome gave us legendary polyglots such as Leonardo Da Vinci. The rich culture of Rome is what gave birth to the modern western civilization.

Often dubbed as the artistic and cultural capital of the world, Rome’s historic monuments date as early as 80 CE. The most famous ancient monument that has become a landmark for Rome is the Colosseum – a large amphitheater built for entertainment purposes. No doubt quite heinous in nature, the spectacles held in the Colosseum were pretty barbaric, such as gladiatorial fights. The gladiators fought with other gladiators, condemned criminals, and even ruthless wild animals for the entertainment of the Roman elite back then!

A lot of Renaissance architecture is found in Rome. One of the famous Renaissance suburban villas in Rome is Villa Farnesia. Originally built for the treasurer of Pope Julius II, the villa is one of the most visited tourist sites in Rome to-date. The fresco decoration of Villa was done by one of the most famous Renaissance painters, Raphael. The villa became the property of the Farnese family in 1577, and soon Michelangelo, another famous Renaissance polymath, suggested connecting Plazzo Farnesia to the other site of River Tibet. The main rooms of the plaza are open to visitors and a site to see.

They often say, when in Rome, do as the Romans; we wholeheartedly agree as far as eating like the Romans is concerned, because Roman cuisine is absolutely the best in the world! Did you know that the world’s most popular food, Pizza, is Roman in origin? In Rome you can find a lot of authentic pizza! In addition to pizza, numerous types of pasta and Lasagna – Garfield’s favorite food – is Roman in origin, and you are bound to find some great places in Rome to try out these Italian dishes in its pure and authentic form.

Rome has a lot of culture and history on its place from being one of the architect cities of modern civilization that tourists are drawn towards the place. If you were looking for cheap flights to Rome, you’re in luck! We at Exact Travels provide affordable Flights to Rome. We enjoy a special relationship with a number of airlines which helps us to provide discounted rates for our customers. We ensure good quality service and comfortable flights which are also efficient. Get Cheap Flights to Rome from Exact Travels today!