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Fight to Madrid? Exact Travel Offers All That You Need

Madrid is a city of charm and deep-rooted culture. Being the biggest and the capital city of Spain, Madrid is a spot for many tourists throughout the year. Madrid does not fail to amaze any individual who chooses to visit it. Hundreds of thousands of people visit Madrid for various reasons. Many people fly to Madrid to experience its historical culture, its globally well-known cultural festivals, its monuments, which are no less than a work of art, its food and many other reasons. One thing is for sure, though, once you step foot into this famous Spanish city, you are bound to fall in love with every inch of it. Madrid is no less than a masterpiece and any person who has visited Madrid agrees. Choosing to take a flight to Madrid to dwell into its unmatched beauty and outstanding culture would be the best decision you will make.

Madrid goes to extremely high temperatures during the summer. The winters in Madrid are cold but not too cold. Most people prefer to book a flight in the month of July, as the flights are the cheapest but the best time to travel to Madrid would be in spring season as the festivities of Madrid start from spring and continue until Easter. As many people already book their flights to Madrid throughout the year, it can be a tough task to book a flight on the spot so the best way to travel is to book a flight in advance.

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Madrid has a lot to offer to tourists

Madrid is one of the most iconic Spanish cities. Being the capital and most populous city of Spain, Madrid has become its leading economic and commercial hub. Located on the beautiful River Manzanares, Madrid has the the third highest GDP in Spain. We often associate Madrid with football thanks to the Real Madrid Football Club, and that is undoubtedly one of the reasons Madrid is famous for: sports tourism. However, Madrid has got a lot to offer for tourists who have no tangible interest in football: the Plaza Mayor is a vibrant main square and the El Retiro Park is one of the most beautiful parks dating back to 19th century!

Football fans would definitely recognize the Santiago Bernabeu stadium: it is the home stadium for Real Madrid Football Club! One of the most famous football stadiums in the whole world, the stadium can house more than 80,000 football enthusiasts for each match. It has seen a lot of iconic games in its history, having hosted many matches of EURO 1964 and the FIFA World Cup of 1982. The final match of the 1982 FIFA World Cup was held in this stadium, as were four European finals.

Cheap Flights to Madrid

The Plaza Mayor is the main square, vibrant and jubilant, in Madrid where tourists can come, eat, drink, shop, and enjoy the outdoors. Sounds pretty good to us, doesn’t it? It is arguably one of Madrid’s biggest tourist spot! Built in 19th century, the site was the town’s main market. At the center of the square, there is a bronze statue of King Philip III, one of the famous Spanish kings. The statue was built in 1616, but it was only in 1848 that it was moved to the center of the square. The statue was a gift from the Duke of Florence.

The Parque del Buen Retiro, or simply, El Retiro Park, is one of the biggest and most picturesque public park in Madrid. Filled with a number of beautiful sculptures, monuments, galleries, and a lake, the park is completely surrounded by the city. The park used to be in control of monarchy before becoming a public park. There are a number of things to do in El Retiro, such as many sports on different sports court, and exercising at an outdoor exercising area. There is also an annual book fair that happens in the park. Concerts, fireworks, and cultural events happen all year around in the park.

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