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Ah, October. The month of fall. The month where you get your warm clothes out and spend time at Starbucks drinking pumpkin spice lattes. It’s the time of the year when the Earth is covered with a blanket of orange leaves, both a sight to see and a way to replenish the soil’s nutrient supplies. It certainly is a month to enjoy for the people in the UK. And of course, it is the month when you can get the most of sunlight before the weather changes.

For many Muslims, the one holiday trip they want to make is Umrah. It is a very important practice of Islamic religion to visit the holy sites of Islam located in Mecca and Medina depending on a number of factors. When this visit is made within certain dates in accordance to the lunar calendar, it is call the Hajj. However, Muslim pilgrims visit the holy sites of Islam in other months of the year as well; including the picturesque month of October. This is a practice that has come to known as the Umrah. The basic distinction between Umrah and Hajj is simple: if done in certain dates it is Hajj, otherwise the visit, and the associated religious practices, are termed as Umrah. 

As Islam has spread across the world, many Muslims have found their selves settling in England, which has welcomed the Muslims as a part of its diverse population. Of course, Muslims in the UK are tempted to perfom Umrah as well; however it is harder for them to carry out their religious job compared to Muslims of, say, Saudi Arabia. The main reason for that is the fact that air travel is the only logical way of travel between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the United Kingdom, owing to the fact that there Is a large physical distance between the two countries. Air travel, as we all know, can be quite expensive for low income Muslim families.

Another issue that can arise for Muslims wishing to perform Umrah and go to Saudi Arabia might be of accommodation and transport in the other country. Hotels are available in Saudi Arabia, but they could be rather expensive. However, do not fret yet, for we are here – it is quite possible to get holiday packages for Umrah as well. An Cheap October Umrah Packages 2019 can get you negotiated rates for accommodation and  for air travel.

October Umrah Packages 2019

Our website offers a number of best and cheap October Umrah packages of 2019. We have packages for our Muslim citizens based in the United Kingdom. Our deals are quite affordable, so you do not need to fret over your budget. You are bound to find a cheap Umrah package that you need for this October. For this, we have arranged our October Umrah Packages in such a way that it is very easy to find out the deal for you by filtering out the 3 star, 4 star or 5 star Hotel Deals.

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A platform operated by Exact Travel and Tour Ltd, we are a registered company at ATOL, with our registeration number given at our ‘About Us’ section. We can get you the Cheap October Umrah Packages for UK citizens. To have you a spiritual and holy tour of Mecca and Medina at an affordable budget is our top priority.

We know it is not easy to arrange to perform an Umrah if you are located in the United Kingdom – therefor we are here to facilitate you through it. Recognizing what it means for Muslims to perform Umrah, we have tried our best to accommodate as many packages as possible to let a number of Muslim households have a shot at going to Umrah.

Cheap November Umrah Packages 

You can check out our Cheap November Umrah Packages and choose for yourself according to your budget and convenience. You can also customize your package and choose across a range of airlines and hotels that we offer.

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